unlearning diet culture.
science-led weight loss.

Your medical approach to managing weight through a specialty weight loss clinic. All services are covered through the Medical Services Plan (MSP) of British Columbia.

Meet Dr. Sandra Cortina

“There is a lot of weight loss misinformation out there, and we have been convinced that it’s up to us to treat it on our own. However, weight loss medicine has come a long way in understanding the underlying biology of weight gain, and weight loss. Effective weight loss treatments are available. Together let’s unlearn the past weight loss trends and make real weight loss progress.”


Cortina weight medicine is a medical weight loss clinic that offers a variety of approaches to weight management including lifestyle weight loss coaching, weight loss medication, and weight loss surgery preparation. Our medical weight loss clinic is located in West Vancouver, but available to all British Columbia residents with insurance through the Medical Services Plan (MSP) of British Columbia (eg. BC Services Card/CareCard).

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Our Services

Management of Weight Complications
Lifestyle counselling
Binge eating disorder diagnosis and treatment
Medical Weight Loss Treatment
Inquire about MSP Elibility.

unlearning diet culture.
science-led weight loss.​